Save the estate money by paying no REALTOR® commissions and sell the estate home for cash in "AS IS" condition. Get money into your account FAST.

Sadly, many homes in probate are in fairly poor shape, often because the late homeowner was elderly or ill and unable to maintain it properly. Banks generally are unwilling to lend on properties requiring more than cosmetic repairs. As a consequence, it is very difficult for would-be home buyers to obtain the financing they need to purchase your probate property. 
Aside from the costly repairs necessary to make the estate home ready for showings, typical sale times of financed probate buyers range between 90 to 120 days after contract acceptance. Meanwhile, taxes, mortgage payments and other expenses must be paid - just about every expense that must be paid in an ongoing household must also be paid in a probated estate. 
J&J Property Solutions can alleviate your stress by making repairs and up-keeping your loved one’s property at no cost to the estate and close escrow in as little as 7-10 days. To get started, enter your property and contact details on the right for a no-obligation, no-nonsense offer.